It is a legal obligation to display your house number

House-plates at Selby

House-plates at Selby

Wow, the Selby Game Fair over Easter was interesting and enlightening. Did you know that it is a legal requirement within the UK to clearly display your house name or number? Well nether did we, until a customer came on to the stand to buy a house plate for his new barn. The local council had written to him explaining that he needs to clearly display his barn’s name within 6 months or he will get a fine!

We talked through his requirements and designed him a lovely black slate sign with white Times New Roman lettering and hidden fixings, which will look great against his yorkstone barn.

The Selby Game Fair turned out to be a great 4 days, with the directors of the business taking it in turns to man the stall, talking to our customers and showing off our sample house signs. We enjoyed it so much we will definitely be back next year!

If you missed us at Selby, don’t worry, we are doing game and craft fairs all year the next one being St Giles Church fair in Copmanthorpe on the 3rd May 2010. Come and check out our house signs for yourself!

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